Hentai Rave 2.22

hentai is about extremes. it's about envisioning all the basest forms of pleasure and social taboo in the most graphic and explicit way. it's the highest form of art, most honest form of comedy, most straightforward representation of desire. it's not about impressing anyone -- it's about using every means you have at your disposal to manifest some nasty sicko shit that you just really wanna see.

you're not too cool to watch hentai. you're not too cool to dance or be earnest. you don't have to watch Evangelion, you just have to learn how to relate to other people. respect the rave, reject instrumentality, embrace collectivistic interdependence. we are all more connected than we know.

**not my rave btw, i just 120% support it and the intent and organization behind it. artists & organizers need to learn to have some fucking values and apply critical thinking to the ways they live those fucking values. i'm tired of artists being placated & enabled like gd babies, i'm tired of hustlecore promoters who don't give a fuck about the community or actually being intentional about curating a safe event w creative worth + intent for other people. i'm extremely appreciative of the organizers behind Hentai Rave and all the thought that goes into events like this, with sharp and researched knowledge of the sociocultural context that everything surrounding the event exists in, and a strong feeling of altruistic responsibility to the community. this is how things should be done yall. \m/